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Cyber Academy of South Carolina - Class of 2022

You can view/order the graduation portraits here:

Renderhouse was thrilled to provide photography services for the graduation ceremony of the Cyber Academy of South Carolina! Having now done this event for the past several years, it has been a real pleasure watching it grow, and we believe it really mirrors our own growth as a company. We are so proud to be able to offer our photography services tailored specifically for the school and the student's needs.

The Cyber Academy of South Carolina is an online K-12 school, where they believe in focusing on the individual needs and interests of students, and will do everything to help students reach their academic goals. While CASC is primarily an online school, they go to great lengths to give the students as much of a traditional high school experience as possible, and what says that more than walking across the stage at graduation!

Working with their great staff, we were able to offer traditional cap and gown portraits, so that students and families could have keepsakes that will last a lifetime!

It's a real honor to continue to work with the Cyber Academy of South Carolina to provide photography services for such an awesome organization which strives to give every child a chance at an excellent education.

Congratulations to the CASC Class of 2022!


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